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The world of dentistry is constantly shifting as new dental technologies are being developed. As we make technological advances, it’s up to practices to invest in these new tools and procedures that often make treatments more comfortable and convenient for patients.

Traditionally, many patients dreaded receiving crowns, because it was time consuming and required multiple visits to the dentist to complete. Why did they take so long? On the first visit, the teeth had to be prepared and impressions had to be taken. Then, those impressions were sent to an outside dental lab where the crowns were created. Finally, another visit to the practice was required to fit the crown onto the tooth. The process would take about 3-4 weeks all together.

Now, Brian M Blasco, DMD is proud to offer CEREC one-visit crowns to patients in Las Vegas. CEREC crowns are basically ceramic restoration, a revolutionary approach to restorative dentistry that allows treatments to easily be completed in a single visit to our practice. Here’s how the process works:

  • A digital image is taken of your tooth using an oral scanner and computer software
  • The crown is manufactured on-site with our milling machine in approximately 30 minutes
  • Our modern technology creates crowns that are more comfortable, durable, and accurate
  • The porcelain material is safe, and colored to match the natural coloring of your teeth
  • Once the crown is installed onto your tooth, you are good to go, with no second visit required!

CEREC one-visit crowns give you better-looking results, in less time, so you can enjoy a stronger and healthier smile right away! Get in touch with Dr.Blasco and call us today!