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Professional teeth whitening is becoming more and more popular as a cosmetic dental service. At Byron M. Blasco DMD in Las Vegas, we are passionate about helping our patients enhance their smiles – and many of our patients have expressed their desire for brighter and whiter teeth. Why might you want to consider getting your teeth professionally whitened? Here are the top 10 reasons why Las Vegas patients love teeth whitening:

  1. It’s an effective way to remove unpleasant stains on your teeth that may have been caused by drinking soda, coffee, wine, smoking cigarettes, or eating stain-causing foods
  2. Have another reason to quit smoking. If you’re trying to give up smoking, having newly whitened teeth can be a step towards achieving your goal, as you won’t want to stain your great new smile by smoking.
  3. Make a great impression at special events. For a wedding, an important job interview, or a school reunion, it’s important to look your very best with a dazzling smile.
  4. Land that job you’ve been wanting. Give your potential employer a smile to remember at your next job interview. You’ll feel more confident and comfortable with your appearance.
  5. Boost your confidence and self-esteem with a great new smile and white teeth.
  6. Turn back the hands of time by reducing the appearance of aged teeth. It’s natural for teeth to become yellow or deteriorated in appearance over time. Feel younger and healthier with a whiter smile.
  7. The process is non-surgical, making it more convenient and relatively pain-free. Teeth whitening is completely safe and is best when performed by a trained professional dentist.
  8. Improve your oral hygiene! When you have a bright new smile, you will want to give it the best care. Invest in the time to brush, floss, and make regular dental appointments to keep your smile looking great and feeling healthy.


Have you been dreaming of a whiter smile and a healthier looking appearance? Professional teeth whitening from Byron M. Blasco DMD in Las Vegas may be the right option for you. Give us a call today at (702) 979-7337 for more information!