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When it comes to expertise, Dr. Blasco is not only the top in his field, he also utilizes the most up-to-date technology. The work he did with my veneers was amazing and I am consistently getting compliments on how fabulous my teeth look. I attribute it all to the work of Dr. Byron Blasco.


I have so many people ask me who my dentist is, and I receive compliments from everyone – even strangers – about my beautiful smile. It is important to have healthy teeth, and just as important to have a great smile. Thanks to Dr. Blasco and his wonderful team, I do! A new smile looks and feels so much better. And best of all, a new smile gives you confidence!


I had always been self-conscious about smiling because a few of my teeth were crowded. As a teenager, my family could not afford braces like many of my classmates, and as the years passed, several dentists and orthodontists warned me that the crowding would become worse, eventually causing serious damage.

After a trip to the emergency room due to tooth pain, I began to seek a dentist. When I called Dr. Blasco’s office, they told me to come in right away, even though I did not have an appointment. That day was 15 years ago, and Dr. Blasco has been taking care of me ever since.

Every time I go to his office, I am greeted with a smile and a hug. I have even referred several clients to him, some who fly hundreds or thousands of miles from other states just to see him. I have to admit, I would do the same!

Now, I constantly get compliments on how nice my smile is, which just makes me smile more. If you are considering changing your smile, just do it! It is the best thing I ever did for myself and one of the best investments I ever made.


As a young adult, I felt my poor looking teeth were a distraction in my business presentations. More importantly, I believed my teeth were a continuing health hazard. After waiting way too long, I went to Dr. Blasco for help. I felt comfortable with him and was very impressed with his work and the concern and care of his dental team.

Since Dr. Blasco made over my smile, I feel renewed self-confidence and no longer fear an embarrassing situation at my business meetings. After the procedure, my family wondered what I had done to make my teeth look so great. My business associates remarked that I looked younger. My advice to people who are considering improving their smile with Dr. Blasco – Don’t wait as long as I did!


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