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We want you to be proud of your teeth and smile!  If you look in the mirror and see spaces, chips, cracks, or severe discoloration, veneers might be an excellent option to correct these minor imperfections.

Using a mold we make of your tooth, veneers are custom-made, thin strips of porcelain bonded to the outside of your teeth – creating immediate visible results.  Your personalized veneers have a lasting bond with your natural teeth.  They maintain all the same functions and follow the same oral hygiene plan of daily flossing, brushing, and rinsing.  Veneers last for many years and do not require constant replacement, giving you a new smile immediately and for years to come!

A consultation with the doctor will determine if veneers are the right choice for your treatment plan, as well as the number of appointments it make take to achieve the smile you have always wanted.  Schedule your consultation today and be as little as two appointments away from a confident smile.