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Mouth Guards

When participating in sports and other physical activities, a person shouldn’t have to worry about protecting their teeth. Mouth guards are the best way to protect the teeth from chipping, cracking, and breaking during practice and while involved in sports like hockey, football, soccer, basketball, and wrestling. Las Vegas dentist, Dr. Byron Blasco, fabricates custom mouth guards for patients. Scientifically tested and durable, these mouth guards are made ultra-thin to be comfortable and strong enough to withstand large amounts of physical contact and impact. Dr. Blasco constructs each mouth guard to perfectly fit the patient for optimum protection.

Once Dr. Blasco determines the type of mouth guard that will be created for the patient, a series of digital X-rays and dental impressions will be taken to facilitate fabrication. A custom mouth guard will be crafted from high quality materials and checked for function, finish and fit. Minor adjustments are made for the patient’s comfort

A custom mouth guard can cost $200 – $2,500, depending on the materials used and whether the patient needs upper only or upper and lower mouth guards. During the consultation, the dentist will go over the patient’s dental concerns and their goals for their mouth guard and then help determine the best mouth guard for their situation determining it’s need to provide protection or to additionally assist in increased athletic performance.

Our office also offers a variety of mouth guards for easier breathing, speech, jaw clenching, tooth grinding, sleep apnea issues, and to help treat and prevent migraine headaches.