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Symmetry and balance help make a beautiful smile and your gums contribute to giving you the best smile possible.  When the ratio between your teeth and gums isn’t balanced, you may not feel as confident.  The doctor can determine the proper ratio and combine it with how you want your smile too look. 

Our practice has the innovative tools to reshape your gums with the help of the Biolase dental laser – an advanced light laser designed for tissue contouring, gum disease treatments, dental implants and more.  Dental lasers eliminate the need for stitches and have been shown to stimulate tissue healing with less trauma than other forms of treatment.

Gum contouring typically does not require more than topical anesthesia and gently adjusts the ratio between your gums and teeth, showing more or less of your teeth as necessary. Gum contouring is an example of how a relatively minor change to your teeth can make an extraordinary difference in the aesthetic appearance of your smile.