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Your smile has hundreds of unspoken conversations every day and shouts to the world about your confidence and health.  However, sometimes your body and health take a wrong turn and can create major issues in regards to your teeth and oral hygiene.  Regardless of the reason, we are here to perform a complete restoration if needed.

There are many factors that contribute to full mouth reconstruction procedures.  Anything that causes or creates damage to your teeth, gums, and the surrounding bone play a major role.  For example, when the plaque build-up between your teeth – especially in the small spaces – isn’t properly removed, gradually over time periodontal disease develops.  If left untreated, it can continue to develop below the gums and destroy tissue and bone.  This causes instability within the gums, making them unable to helps keep teeth in place or gums from sinking in – requiring reconstruction.  If your teeth, mouth, face or head have been affected by injury, it may also be cause for full mouth reconstruction, once again due to the damage caused to the foundational gum tissue and surrounding bone. 

A formal and complete evaluation by the doctor will determine if full mouth reconstruction needs to part of your treatment plan.  Focus remains on what is best for your overall health and for building you a new smile that will last for years to come.