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Comprehensive Evaluation

Comprehensive Evaluation

Every new patient receives a Comprehensive Evaluation during their first visit to our office.  The evaluation includes:

In-Depth Review of Medical & Dental History

Comprehensive Evaluation of the Head and Neck

Charting of Intraoral & Extraoral Hard & Soft Tissues

18 AACD (American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry) Diagnostic Photographs

Full Mouth Intraoral Radiographs (as dictated by case)

Panoramic Radiograph

TMJ Radiograph (as dictated by case)

Comprehensive Periodontal Charting

Oral Cancer Screening

Charting of All Existing Restorations

Documentation of Status of All Existing Restorations

Creation of a Comprehensive Treatment Plan (dictated by presenting conditions & Patient desires)

Recommendation of Necessary Supportive Care & Treatment

Oral DNA / HPV Saliva Test (as dictated by case)

Cone Beam Tomography (as dictated by case)