Stages of Gum Disease

Did you know that plaque formation is happening inside your mouth as you read this article? The thought of it might be scary but that is really what happens, especially if you don’t work to maintain proper oral health care. The existence of plaque in your mouth is not only due to the lack of proper maintenance. It also concerns the food that you eat every day. If you love sweet foods, then you must love attracting plaque too since that is usually where it all begins.

If you are not taking any action to ensure that your dental care is properly provided and covered, then you must not be surprised if one of these days you’ll suffer from a terrible toothache. Toothache is caused by the acids that form on the tooth attacking its natural enamel that protects it. Once the enamel has been broken down, the bacteria penetrates into the softer tissues inside every tooth. When this condition is not treated at its early stages, you can expect to have a broken tooth due to plaque in less than a month or two.

At Dr. Blasco’s dental office, we believe it is important that plaque be removed from the teeth on a daily basis. If you don’t, you can suffer from red, bleeding gums. The situation only becomes worse when plaque is not removed and it hardens and forms into tartar. This is the reason why there are some people who suffer from the condition when the gums pull away from the teeth causing a small opening. It is from these small openings that bacteria formation begins.

All of these conditions can be prevented when you brush your teeth regularly and see your dental professional regularly too. Only a dentist would be able to help you alleviate all your tooth problems. Pain relievers can only provide you with momentary relief. It is best to consult with your dentist immediately. Save yourself from all the trouble that a toothache could give, see your Las Vegas dentist today!